I was really happy when I met Chas and Rachel at a knitting show as I wanted to expand my range of wools and wasvery excited to have sourced wool made in the UK.

It is said that the sungod Inti created the alpaca to reward the Incas of Peru. Even today alpaca fibre is still referred to as the ‘fibre of the Gods’. These beautiful animals have been domesticated for thousands of years and the textiles made from their fleeces have been highly prized for centuries.

One of the ‘noble fibres’, alpaca is softer, more luxurious, stronger and more resilient than the finest sheep’s wool. It can be compared favourably to cashmere, has excellent thermal properties and is second in strength only to silk. It is prized for its silky feel, weightlessness and warmth and comes in a great variety of natural shades (from pure white through the fawns and browns to grey and a true black).

All our yarns are spun in the UK using the worsted process, as this exploits the natural properties of alpaca fibre, giving a smooth, strong yarn that shows off the natural brightness of the fibre.

These yarns are processed at traditional mills in the north of England and have traceable provenance back to British alpaca farmers.
Fleeces from alpaca breeders in the UK and graded at a farm in Devon and processed into fully worsted hand knit and commercial yarns. The yarns are made to the highest specification and are of a consistent quality.

The yarns come in a range of subtle colours that blend well together. When a thicker yarn is wanted simple double it up as I have done for the shrug.

Super Fine Alpaca Range DK Weight

Super Fine Alpaca Range has a lovely soft handle and knits up beautifully. All shades except black are a blend of 70% fine grade British alpaca and 30% fine grade British Blue Faced Leicester wool. Black is supplied as 100% British alpaca.

Dyed Shades 70/30% alpaca and wool blend

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