Ladies Sizes
SIZESmallMediumLargeX Large
inches34 to 3636 to 3840 to 4244 to 46
cm86 to 9192 to 97102 to 107112 to 117
Actual Measurements37.5 inch 94cm41 inch 103cm45 inch 115cm50 inch 127cm
Sleeve to raglan shaping17.5inch - 45cm18inch 46cms19 inch - 48cm19 inch - 48cm
Balls of Wool9101011

This is a short cardigan that is very versatile and looks great over trousers, a skirt or a dress. It is knitted in a British Alpaca Yarn 70% Alpaca, 30% blue faced Leicester and is lovely and soft to wear.The pattern is one of 25 featured in Mum’s Knit. The book accompanies the kit or can be bought separately.

Please enquire if you want a different combination of colours

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